The First Email

  • Be creative, be casual, be respectful.
  • Introduce yourself, you can do this without giving your name.  You can always reveal your name in future correspondence.
  • Give reference to something you have read in the receivers profile.  Let them know that you are genuinely interested by beginning with, “I am intrigued by…..” or “We have ______ in common”
  • Make the email all about them.  Do not gloat about yourself.  Ask interesting questions so they will have a reason to respond.
  • A lengthy initial email is not necessary and in fact may get overlooked.  Women, for a fact, get more email than men.  They may not feel like reading a long drawn-out novel that a man has written them.  Keep it simple at first.

Writing a great email will directly impact a person’s first impression of you.

BE PATIENT!  Don’t expect instant success.

Think about what you are looking for in a mate, such as age, appearance, religion, and education. Another important factor to consider is how far you are willing to travel. Now its time to browse through profiles and find the those extraordinary souls that are meant for you. This task can sometimes be overwhelming. Should I email a select few and wait for a response, or should I send out a multitude of emails in hopes of a response from at least one or two people?
Make sure to read profiles, don’t respond to profile pictures solely because they turn you on. Often times the profiles will give important information on what that individual is looking for (or not looking for) such as age range, or race, and you simply won’t fall into those categories. You will be wasting your time and theirs.
Another tactic is to sit back and wait for someone to email you. You can’t go wrong if someone is interested in you.
A third way to find matches is to use the on-line dating service’s pre-selected matching criteria.
Sometimes intuition and a “gut-feeling” is the best way of choosing who to meet. Being picky is ok, but don’t let them all slip by. You don’t want to leave yourself at square one, still alone at home.
Good grammar and correct spelling is important, so make sure you type up your profile using a program with a spell checker. If possible, have someone proof read it for you.