Now that you have decided to meet someone, you need to determine the most comfortable place to get to know each other.  Although movie dates are popular, it may not be a wise choice for a first date.  A friendly public place where you can sit face to face and have interesting conversation is an ideal way to get acquainted.

Tips for Girls

  • Try not to over dress for casual dining
  • For those women who are chatty, try not to make the conversation a monologue.  Sharing too much, too soon can overwhelm a guy.  Be a good listener and ask questions
  • do not bring up past relationships, including former spouse or lovers.  If the subject does come up in conversation, try not to trash talk anyone.  It only shows your insensitivity and immaturity
  • do not complain about how much you hate your job
  • if you are having financial or health problems, the first date is not the proper time to talk about them
  • thank him for the evening.  But don’t make false promises if you do not plan on meeting him again.

Tips for Guys

  • Pay for the date, even if she initiated it
  • dress to impress, you don’t need to wear a suit, but don’t wear a shirt that looks like its been slept in
  • be on time, and be courteous even if she is fashionably late (she probably doesn’t want to arrive before you do)
  • compliment her on her beauty, as you first walk up to her
  • chivalry is not dead, hold the door for her, pull out her chair
  • be attentive, this includes placing your cell phone on silent.  You should not even take it out of your pocket in her presence during the first date.
  • don’t flirt with the waitress!!
  • say goodnight with a hug.  A kiss is sometimes appropriate, depending on how well your date went.  
  • follow up later that night with a text message or email affirming how wonderful the evening was and letting her know that you are more than willing to meet again.